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anti-Semitic Group Film Themselves Defacing Jewish Monument in Britain

A fascist group in Britain has filmed and uploaded footage of vandalizing a Jewish monument.

By: Ashley Ramnarain

400_300_Captureadoknoijhioesf_Photo: anti-Semitic propaganda spray painted by National Action group       Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Recently, a fascist, anti-Semitic group took to defacing a Jewish monument at a park in England. To make matters even more disturbing the group actually filmed and uploaded the deed to YouTube.

Shown in the video are several individuals stringing up a Nazi flag – featuring the Third Reich swastika – over the monument. Additionally, the vandals could be seen spray painting the Star of David, but with a twist. This Star of David was embellished upon, featuring a “1%” written in the middle, as well as “bankers” underneath.

They also set up propaganda flyers around the park, as an obnoxious trance song plays in the background.

After an investigation by the district police the video was linked back to the group National Action. The group was previously under investigation by one of Britain’s counter-terrorism units.

The video bears the title “National Action visits Cannon Hill” and has thus garnered around 3,500 views. National Action didn’t just leave it to YouTube, however, and also took to promoting the video on their Twitter account as well.

National Action allegedly runs a “boot-camp” for its members. The group itself is run by a fascist leader with goals of creating a “new SS”, as well as training recruits in knife fighting and propaganda videos.

The menorah monument in question was cared for by the Lubavitch Jewish community and has become a local attraction for nearby residents.

Watch the video below, but we’ll warn you that it’s a bit disturbing, particularly the comments of support underneath.


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