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British Historian: Hitler Escaped After World War II

Noted historian Gerard Williams claims the Nazi leader and Eva Braun didn’t die when we think they did

By: B. Shane Morganstein
x400_300_article_2597411_00550F6A00000258_240_634x396_.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6sA6R0MwJevy9Z4wuvzDPhoto: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

A notable English historian is disagreeing with the conventional narrative we were all taught surrounding the fate of Hitler at the end of the second world war.

The typical tale is as follows: as Allied soldiers surrounded Berlin, and it was clear that the war was coming to an end, Hitler married his long time partner Eva Braun. The Nazi leader and his wife then entered a secret bunker, where Eva took a cyanide pill, and Hitler shot himself in the head.

However, Gerard Williams, an English historian, journalist, and author, believes that this account of historical events is seriously flawed. For starters, the Russians never announced that they had found Hitler’s body, a fact that Williams finds to be particularly troubling.

“We have been sold a dummy,” Williams said. “I believe that in 1945 the real Hitler along with Eva Braun were spirited out of the bunker where they escaped. They did not die, we were lied to, we’re still being lied to.”

The controversial claims, which are to be aired in a television special today, are being touted as being able to expose a massive cover-up surrounding the fate of the world’s most notorious dictator.

Williams continues by analyzing the events immediately after Hitler’s supposed death. “It is supported by eyewitnesses who never actually saw anybody get shot. They never see the Fuhrer and Eva go into his private quarters in the bunker. They see bodies coming out but nobody ever see Hitler and Eva dead,” Williams explained.

Instead, Williams believes that two innocent lookalikes were murdered in Hitler’s and Eva’s places, resulting in a “duplicitous deception” to which the entire world fell victim. “I am pretty convinced two people probably did die in the bunker at the end of April 1945 but they weren’t Hitler and Eva Braun. Two doubles replaced them and it was those who were murdered and their bodies disposed of later,” he said.


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