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Foreign press is livid over how they are portrayed in new Israeli cartoon put out by Israeli Foreign Ministry

Foreign Press Fumes Over Foreign Ministry Cartoon

Foreign Ministry clip shows how foreign journalists were ‘blind’ when it came to Hamas in Gaza, hits a raw nerve with foreign press.

The Foreign Ministry released a comic clip pointing out the often skewed coverage by foreign journalists regarding Hamas-ruled Gaza, and in particularly calling out the coverage on last summer’s counter-terror operation in Gaza.

The 49-second cartoon clip, entitled “Open your eyes about Gaza,” was posted on YouTube on Sunday, and quickly drew condemnation from the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in Israel.
The video features a blonde-haired television correspondent in Gaza with an American accent declaring to camera “there are no terrorists here, just ordinary people,” while a masked terror fires off a rocket, presumably towards Israel.

Another scene has the reporter describing tunnels that Hamas fighters used to stage attacks into Israeli territory as “the first Palestinian subway.”

A female character then gives the reporter a pair of glasses, allowing him to see the reality of “life under Hamas rule.”

The reporter then faints. “Terror rules Gaza,” a caption reads.

While the clip was meant to address the international condemnation leveled against Israel largely due to news coverage that often failed to present the context of Hamas’s violations in embedding its terror infrastructure in its civilian population, the FPA was evidently not amused.

The foreign press body said it was “surprised and alarmed” by the “misleading and poorly conceived” clip, adding “it is disconcerting that the ministry would spend its time producing a…video that attempts to ridicule journalists reporting on a conflict.”

Hamas often fired rockets near sites where journalists were present, putting them in danger and indeed several journalists died in the conflict.


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