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Huge numbers of Muslims are turning to ISIS because they want SEX, claims former Islamist, who says many resent the freedoms Western youths have

  • Guns are ‘more or less a penis extension’ for isolated men, said Imam 
  • Alyas Karmani said he believes: ‘These guys just want girls. That’s it.’
  • Not giving young Muslims the chance to talk about sex leads to hate
  • Made comments during an ITV documentary about radicalisation 

A former Islamist said he believes young British Muslim men are joining ISIS because they want sex.

Alyas Karmani said teenagers are at risk of being radicalised by terrorist groups because they feel isolated in ‘sexualised’ British society, and resent not having the same freedoms of Western youths to have girlfriends and intimate relationships.

The Bradford preacher now tours the country reaching out to young British Muslims to stop them turning to ISIS, after he was radicalised as a young man.

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Alyas Karmani speaking on ITV about why young British Muslims are tempted to join ISIS. He said young men are drawn to the organisation because they feel alienated and excluded from ‘sexualised’ British life

0AAF3447000005DC-0-image-a-8_1434482064109In a sexualised culture like Britain, Karmani said British Muslims often feel like outsiders when their communities’ conservative values don’t allow them to discuss sex which leads to ‘a real sense of hate’

In ‘Exposure – Jihad – A British Story’, which aired on ITV on Monday night, he said young people struggle to turn to their families to talk about their sexual urges in typically conservative Muslim communities.

He said: ‘This is all about sex… These guys just want girls. That’s it.

‘[My wife] said you can’t say that because you’ll get really lambasted for it, but guys do things for girls – and that’s it.


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