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Michelle Obama To Muslim Girls: I Am One Of You

Earlier today Michelle Obama gave an address about female empowerment and diversity to a radical Islam school in a radical Islam neighborhood in London, telling the hijab-wearing girls “your story is my story.”

Mrs. Obama was visiting The Mulberry School for Girls to deliver a speech entitled “Let Girls Learn,” ostensibly to advocate for feminist ideals.

The problem with that narrative is that the Mulberry School is located in the Tower Hamlets district of London. Tower Hamlets is known for housing a disproportionate number of radical Islamists, and is the leading district in the country for female genital mutilation.

Recently the mayor of Tower Hamlets was removed from office for extensive election fraud. Bangladesh native Lufthur Rahman was also fined £250,000 and banned from seeking further office.

Other red flags surround the Tower Hamlets borough as well. While the last census, in 2011, showed a slim plurality of self-identified Christians as the most populous religious group in the area, experts believe that Islam is now by far the most prevalent religion in Tower Hamlets.

Like the deposed Mr. Rahman, huge portions of the population of Tower Hamlets, and in fact the vast majority of the student body at the Mulberry School, are Bangladeshi immigrants.

In 2010 Bangladesh reported 148.6 million Muslims, over 90% of the Bangladeshi population and the fourth largest Muslim population in the world. The 2014 elections in Bangladesh saw a power grab by radical Islam, with opposition party members arrested on spurious charges, and three times as many fraudulent votes as actual votes. Over 80% of Bangladeshis favor Sharia Law, according to Harvard’s East Asia Quarterly peer-reviewed publication.


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