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11 year old girl severely beaten up by muslims at playland in Skien, Norway

s-utsikt1-800x533ATTACKED: It was here at playland in Skien that seven muslim youths attacked and beat a 11-year old Norwegian girl. The girl had to stay overnight at a local hospital to recover from the brutal attack. (Photo: Playland in Skien).

In connection with the festival of Eid, a muslim congregation went to the playland “Eventyrfabrikken” in Skien, Norway. Eventyrfabrikken is an indoor playland for children, with climbing frames, bouncy castles, trampolines, slides and other activities. While there, a group of muslim children and youths beat up an 11 year old Norwegian girl so severely that she had to spend the night in hospital. After the incident, one of the muslim adults shoved a member of staff at the playland, when she brought the incident to their attention. The conditions are said to be so bad when muslims visit the playland that they have had to hire extra security guards during muslim festivals.

The 11-year old girl was visiting Eventyrfabrikken together with some friends, and were playing when some of the boys in the muslim group began to quarrel and brawl with them.

While the 11-year-old was playing in a corner of the large hall, she was suddenly attacked by one of the muslim boys. Several members of the muslim group then joined in the attack. A total of seven boys aged from 9 to 13were participating in the violent attack.

The boys punched and kicked the little girl and called her a whore.

The girl’s family had to drive her to the hospital where she had to spend the night, because of the injuries she sustained during the attack.

Hostile atmosphere

When a female member of staff approached some of the adults with the muslim group to inform them of the incident, the atmosphere became hostile. One of the adults supposedly started pushing and shoving her.

Muslim Association

Twice a year, the islamic society in the region of Telemark, visits Eventyrfabrikken during their celebration of the muslim Eid holidays. On the day of this brutal attack, there were 12 adults and 63 children present at Eventyrfabrikken.


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