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Pope Francis: nations that block illegal immigration should seek God’s forgiveness

The hits, they just keep on coming.  In his Wednesday audience today, Pope Francis called for “respect for migrants” and stated that those who seek to curb illegal immigration should seek God’s forgiveness. You can try to lambaste the secular site quoted below as being biased, but, just to quell that temptation, I also provide Rome Reports’ video of his audience that includes the same message.

Pope Francis on Wednesday called for respect for migrants and suggested that “people and institutions” who close doors to them should seek forgiveness from God.

The pope’s appeal, made at the end of his weekly general audience, came amid growing debate in Europe on how to deal with an immigrant crisis that has included clashes at the French-Italian borer between police and migrants.

“I invite you all to ask forgiveness for the persons and the institutions who close the door to these people who are seeking a family, who are seeking to be protected,” he said in unscripted remarks delivered in a somber voice.

France and Austria have stepped up border controls on migrants coming from Italy, turning back hundreds and leaving growing numbers camped out in train stations in Rome and Milan…….

……The pope said “these brothers and sisters of ours are seeking refuge far from their lands, they are seeking a home where they can live without fear.”

He asked for prayers that their “human dignity always be respected” and urged the international community to “work together and efficiently to prevent the causes of forced migration”.

The video (quote begins at 1:54):

So, he actually asks for prayers of forgiveness for those who “close doors” to mass illegal immigration, such as both the US and Western Europe have been experiencing for some years.


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