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ISIS terrorists ‘sneak into Europe disguised as migrants’ – sparking fears of bomb attacks

HORDES of Islamic State members have reportedly sneaked into Europe along with desperate migrants – sparking fears of terror attacks on the continent.
ISIS-Islamic-State-jihadi-terror-attack-migrant-crisis-Europe-Italy-North-Africa-586045Europe is at risk from a terror attack by ISIS, experts have warned

ISIS fanatics have taken advantage of porous borders by travelling from North Africa to Italy on boats packed with refugees, according to terrorism experts.

Now it is feared that the notorious group, which controls much of Iraq and Syria, could target Europe within months.

A counter-terrorism insider said: “Once in Europe they can go through the asylum process or disappear off the radar of the authorities by linking up with even more smuggling networks.”

“This means they can penetrate deeper into Europe and avoid detection from the police and security services.

“Nobody knows just how many there are.”

There are thought to be around a million migrants looking to sneak across the Mediterranean from North Africa, mostly from war-torn Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea.

Last year David Cameron warned that Britain was at threat from the group’s “extreme Islamist regime”.

He said: “The people in that regime, as well as trying to take territory, are also planning to attack us here at home in the United Kingdom.”


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