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Muslims Who Joined ISIS Still Getting Welfare in UK

Jihadi-John-Mohammed-Emwazi-450x260by Daniel Greenfield

I certainly hope the BBC’s TV Licensing Authority doesn’t actually head to the Islamic State to try and get them to pay for their license. That would move all this into the territory of a proper farce.

Not that it isn’t bad enough as it is.

The Dawood clan got thousands of pounds in government payments in the UK before absconding to join ISIS with a whole bunch of kids. But they can still keep getting the money for the same reason Muslim migrants who rape and kill can’t be deported.

Welfare is a human right, isn’t it?

It means the women can still get a total of £625.28 ($994.00) a month in child benefit. Surga will receive £327.16 for her five children, while Khadija and Zohra, who have two children each, would be entitled to £149.06.

The government is now investigating.

The Department for Work and Pensions said it only stops benefits claims when there is firm evidence people have left the country.

Shouldn’t the burden of proof be on the people who apply for the money rather than on the taxpayers? And this is a big problem.
12,000 children living outside the UK are being supported by tax credits sent home from Britain, it has been revealed.


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