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She Started Collecting Pistachio Shells, And When I Saw Why I Immediately Got Mine Out Of The Trash

Have you ever found a way to turn a piece of trash into a treasure? As you know, that old adage rings true especially during the recent up cycling trend.

People have found new and creative ways to take old pieces of trash and turn them into creative projects that bring a lot of joy.

In today’s project, one woman has shown us how to take old pistachio shells and turn them into beautiful flower decorations. I’m racing to save my shells now!

The first step in this creative craft project is to collect a bunch of pistachio shells. That’s a really fun part. Just crack them and eat ‘em. Enjoy!

With your collection ready to go, take a hot glue gun and start to shape them together. Keep gluing one piece on the outside of the next. This will begin to create a large flower shape. Take your time. The center will be closed together and will begin to spread open.


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