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This Marine Unit’s New Name Will Strike Terror in the Hearts of Terrorists Everywhere

Most branches of the U.S. military have unique, memorable names for their elite special operations units; Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs immediately come to mind.

But while the U.S. Marine Corps has their own branch of elite fighters, their name, MARSOC, didn’t exactly inspire fear and doom in the hearts of the enemy — at least on paper.

But that all changed recently during a ceremony that officially renamed several Marine special operations units as Marine Raiders, bringing back a legendary, World War II-era name for units who carried out dangerous amphibious assaults behind enemy lines.

“Whereas most people in the American public probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you what MARSOC stood for, ‘Raider’ will jump off the page,” said RAND intelligence analyst Ben Connable.

Eight Marine Corps units comprising some 2,700 elite troops were designated as Raiders during Friday’s ceremony, marking the first time the name has been officially used since the original Raiders disbanded after WWII.

A group of original Raiders attended the ceremony and gave their nod of approval, including 89-year-old former Raider Charles H. Meacham.

“It’s a great honor to have this lineage carried forward,” Meacham said. “Now MARSOC’s carrying on the legacy of the Raiders. It’s a Marine tradition.”


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