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Do you Know When to Drink Hot and When Cold Water?

Water really is the source of life and it is important to consume the recommended quantities to be healthy, but is the temperature important? Does it matter if the water is hot, warm or cold?

When we talk about cold water think about it as a few degrees colder than room temperature. Hot water is considered 4-5 degrees warmer than room temperature.

When it comes to temperature, extremes are not recommended. So, icy cold and boiling hot temperatures are out of question.

When to drink cold water?

When exercising

During physical activity the body temperature rises, and sweating is a mechanism by which the body tries to cool. In this case you lose fluids and it is important to bring them back. When you drink cold water during exercise, the water cools and hydrates the body simultaneously.

When having a fever

Drinking cold water when you have a fever is one of the best methods for cooling your body down and treating it. It is important to get enough fluids to help your body fight infections and bacteria. Add a little lemon and sea salt into your water to restore the electrolytes you lost.

When trying to lose weight

Cold water speeds up the metabolism and helps you lose extra70 calories per day. Although it is not enough just to drink water, it is good to know that 8 glasses of water a day is the same as walking for about 15 minutes.

When to drink hot water?

When having digestive problems

Hot water in the morning can improve digestion throughout the day. If you drink cold water after a meal, the body will find it harder to digest food, so consume warm to hot water.


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