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Court quashes Muslim mother’s bid to sue France for letting son join jihad


She did not sue the local mosque. She did not sue the people who told her son that killing Infidels would please Allah. She instead sued the French government, which she would have doubtless accused of “Islamophobia” if it had undertaken to do anything effective to prevent her son from joining the jihad. For Islamic supremacists, anything that goes wrong is always someone else’s fault — even more so if that someone else is an Infidel.

“Court quashes mum’s bid to sue France for letting son join jihad,” Agence France Presse, June 23, 2015:

PARIS: A French court Tuesday threw out a case brought by a mother trying to sue the government for failing to stop her teenage son from leaving to join jihadis in Syria.

The boy was 16 when he left with three others from the town of Nice in southern France in December 2013, taking a plane to Turkey and then traveling overland to Syria.

His mother argued airport police in Nice should have stopped the boy because he had only a one-way ticket and no baggage.

But the court ruled that the airport officers had no case to answer and turned down a demand for 110,000 euros ($125,000) in compensation.

The mother said Turkey was known as an entry point to Syria, but the court found that “these circumstances are not enough to demonstrate the police service was at fault.”


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