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EXCLUSIVE: Senior British ISIS recruiter ‘is a sex pest who steals girls from fellow fighters and only helps the prettiest would-be jihadi brides who contact him on Skype to go to Syria

  • Raphael Hostey, 22, left wife and child in UK when he joined ISIS in 2013
  • He has been accused of abusing his senior position to harass young girls
  • Jihadi convert from Manchester has tried to ‘steal wives of ISIS militants’
  • He joins a list of British ISIS converts accused of being sexual predators 

A leading British recruiter for ISIS has been accused of forcing women who ask him for help crossing the border from Turkey to Syria into taking off their veils so he can pick the prettiest ones.

Raphael Hostey, 22, has also been criticised for trying to steal girls from fellow fighters and abandoning his family back home in Manchester.

Nicknamed ‘al-Britani Afro’ because of his hairstyle, the one-time rapper is known to be a member of a five-strong online IS recruiting team and has boasted of smuggling ‘hundreds’ of people into Syria.

Allegations about his personal life began to circulate on social media two weeks ago and if the claims are proved, he faces being flogged under the strict interpretation of shariah law imposed by ISIS.


‘Sex pest’: British ISIS recruiter Raphael Hostey (pictured as a teenager) has been accused of abusing his position to force girls who want to come to Syria into taking off their veils so he can ‘pick the prettiest ones’


Militant: Hostey (pictured), 22, from Manchester has also been criticised for stealing girls from his fellow militants

Hostey left his wife and child behind when he fled to join ISIS in 2013 with his two friends Mohammed Javeed and Khalil Raoufi, both 20. All three were students at John Moores University in Liverpool.

Javeed and Raoufi are thought to have died in fighting but Hostey from Moss Side, Manchester, has stayed alive long enough to become a senior commander.

The man, who neighbours remember as an ‘innocent-looking 12-year-old’, could now be punished for abusing his power to take advantage of young girls by asking them to remove their hijab – or head covering – over webcam.

The accusations against Hostey – who goes by the alias Abu Qaqa Al-Britani – were revealed when a fellow fanatic from Australia called Abu Khalid sprung to his defence on Twitter.

He said rumours have been spreading about Hostey’s apparently troubled life in the UK and doubts have also been raised about the sincerity of his belief in Islam.

According to Khalid, he has also been accused of ordering women to remove clothing during Skype conversations about making arrangements to get them into Syria.

Writing on a Twitter account, Khalid suggested that his colleague has an undeserved reputation for being a sex pest.

He said: ‘I’d like to clarify something that has been going on for a long time… Ever since I came to sham [Syria] there has been rumours circulating about this brother in regards to his aqeedah [strength of religious belief] and his personal life.

‘Many of us are guilty of slandering and backbiting this brother without even knowing the reality of the situation!’

He added: ‘From accusing him of having khariji aqeedah [deviant beliefs], abandoning his family, not helping sisters w/hijrah who don’t uncover their hijab for him.’

Khalid said Hostey has also been accused of lusting after women being helped into Syria by other fighters.

He said: ‘Another one… the accusation that he stole sisters from other brothers who were also helping with hijrah (so he could marry them himself).’

Khalid claimed that none of the accusations were true and warned followers to cease spreading the rumours about his fellow fighter.

‘I say to you fear Allah! For your attacking the honor of your fellow brother!’ he said.

‘Anyone who continues to slander & backbite this brother, I will testify against your lies on the DOJ [Day of Judgement]!’

Hostey was asked about the allegations on a now suspended account whilst dealing with questions about women who wanted help to cross the border into Syria.

‘Why do people attack you so much?’ one user asked.

He replied: ‘Depending on why a person is attacked, it can be a sign that they are upon the truth…’

Hostey has not addressed the accusations against him and continues to lure new ISIS recruits with the prospect of a quick marriage, despite his social media accounts being suspended regularly.

It has previously been reported that marriages could take up to six months to arrange, though he claimed that the situation has changed.

On the site, he avoided directly answering a question about whether he was married but replied on 10 June: ‘It’s easy to get married here now. Things have been made easier.’

Asked last week about travelling to Syria and getting married, he said: ‘You simply need to get to turkey and have enough money for a hotel and we do the rest.

‘As for marriage then marriage is easy here and if you don’t have any money then IS helps you.’

Fielding queries of on June 4, he said: ‘Brothers & sister are coming everyday in numbers. Once you’re ready then contact official links within the State and we will do the best way can to bring you in securely.’

Hostey joins a growing list of foreign ISIS fighters who have been accused of being sexual predators.

It recently emerged that another high-profile British ISIS fighter Omar Hussain – dubbed the ‘loneliest jihadi’ – is listed on the national Sex Offenders’ Register.

The 28-year-old from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire has appeared in an ISIS recruitment video and boasted about his involvement in beheadings – but once complained that he could not find a jihadi bride.

The former security guard at Morrisons supermarket has said that the only reason he would return the UK would be to launch a bomb attack.

Until he fled from the UK in 2013 however, he was required to report to a police station if he planned to move or to go abroad after being convicted of a sexual assault.

At the age of 21, he was caught on CCTV cycling up to a woman in the street and fondling her breasts.

Former classmates from Cressex Community School have described him as a social outcast who was in the habit of warning girls that they should dress modestly.

Another jihadist has recently been filmed grooming an underage girl during a Skype conversation.

Ahmed Canter, a former accountant from West London, was caught out in a sting set up by a Canadian TV news network.


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