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Islam and Images

168Bangladeshi Girl Lashed To Death After Rape by Cousin

167Is it Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you?
Four Yemenis died in the capital Sanaa after police fired live rounds and tear gas against demonstrators who tried to storm the US embassy protesting a film mocking Islam.

165Islamic Kindergarten?   Brainwashing starts early.

164Christian Egyptian before and after Ramadan

161Islam in Thailand
Workers for Thai defence contracting firm Precipart Co adjust a bullet-proof vest on a Buddhist monk during a test at its factory in Bangkok. Bullet-proof jackets from the company are selling like hot cakes to security personnel and civilians working and living in the restive Muslim south

157Muslim mob burns mentally ill man alive
A man in the district of Bahawalpur in Pakistan was found guilty of burning the pages of Quran. He was arrested by the police in order to prosecuting him for the charges of blasphemy which could end up on death sentence. But the blind, uneducated and violent Muslims didn’t allow the man to have the right to breathe anymore. The mob attacked the police station, injured the policemen, dragged out the accused and burnt him alive as he was a blasphemer. It is to be noted that Islam says in very clear words: Blasphemers should be killed.


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