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‘He started slicing my neck:’ Woman tells how she was almost beheaded by crazed grocery store co-worker who killed her colleague after he tried to convert them to Islam

  • Traci Johnson of Moore, Oklahoma was nearly beheaded last September after her disgruntled co-worker came back for revenge after being fired
  • Alton Nolen allegedly managed to decapitate Johnson’s co-worker Colleen Hufford he went after her and she barely escaped
  • Johnson is now speaking out about the events leading to the horror, of nearly being beheaded and of having been one of the killer’s top targets

The survivor of an attempted beheading in Oklahoma last year is speaking out about how it feels to have come within a millimeter of death at the hands of a deranged killer.

Traci Johnson was working at Vaughan Foods in Moore last September when her co-worker Alton Nolen – disgruntled from having just been fired – allegedly stormed in with a knife and a thirst for blood.

‘He started slicing my neck. And got a hold of my face, and got a hold of my right index finger, and wouldn’t stop – and I’m screaming for help and didn’t think anybody was going to come around,’ Johnson reveals for the first time on FOX News Channel’s The Kelly File on Wednesday.

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29E7441E00000578-0-image-m-22_1435091878812‘He got a millimeter away from my jugular cord,’ says Traci Johnson, who survived an attempted beheading last September, allegedly at the hands of her coworker Alton Johnson

Johnson tells Megyn Kelly that Nolen was, without a doubt, trying to decapitate her.

‘He got a millimeter away from my jugular cord,’ she says. ‘I sustained a neck injury. He got a hold of my jugular vein and some nerves in my neck.’

But Johnson survived after Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff’s deputy and the company’s chief operating officer, shot him.

Johnson’s co-worker, 54-year-old Colleen Hufford, wasn’t so lucky. Police say Nolen successfully beheaded the wife and mother.

‘They didn’t want me knowing,’ Johnson recalls. ‘No one wanted me knowing, and I found out I think that Friday or that Saturday what really happened to her, and that just tore me up. It still bothers me to this day.’

Reports describe how Nolen, a committed Muslim who had previously tried to convert his colleagues, was fired after an argument Islamic theology got out of hand.


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