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Onion – the amazing ‘cure-all’

rsz_onions-720x340Everything can be cured with an onion

Onions can cure anything…okay that might be exaggerating just a little bit, but they truly are Mother Nature’s little wonders in terms of just how many ailments they can treat. It is astounding just how many folk and home remedies exist that involve an onion – warts, fevers, burns, even cancer can be remedied with onions. Read on to find the onion folk remedy that can cure what ails you.

Medicinal qualities of the onion

There is a reason why onions are used in so many folk remedies, they are chalk full of a flavonoid called quercetin. The highest concentration of quercetin can be found in red onions at the part of the bulb closest to the root and in its outer most rings nearest the skin, however many onion remedies call for the use of white and yellow onions as well. Quercetin acts as a powerful antioxidant, antihistamine, anti-cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory. Onions also have antibiotic properties and the ability to remove toxins from the body. They are best used in their raw form to access these medicinal qualities.

Important note: For the purpose of using a food as medicine, it is always best to use food that has been grown organically and locally. Onions bought in a conventional grocery store are often grown for appearance and have traveled long distances which greatly reduce their nutritional value. Organic, locally grown onions are best for all folk and home remedies.

1. Onions to help a cold

Probably the most common onion folk remedy is for the common cold. Recommendations vary from eating a raw whole onion at the first sign of a cold to boiling an onion and drinking it in a tea with ginger and honey. Eating the raw onion should help clear your sinuses almost instantaneously and the onion tea acts as a strong antibiotic elixir and soothes soar throats.

2. Onions to bring down a fever

This may be the most unusual home remedy involving an onion by far that I’ve come across, but those who have tried it swear by it. Here is what you need to to do.

To lower a high fever:

  • Put chopped potatoes, chopped onions and and a hint of minced garlic in a pair of socks
  • Put them on your feet and get in bed
  • Place a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar on your forehead

Your temperature should come down in the next hour or so…if not at least you have the makings of an interesting foot soup.

3. Onions to cure a cough

One onion home remedy I am sure to try the next time I have a nagging cough is a simple onion relish made with an onion and brown sugar.

Onion cough relish – recipe:

  • Peel a large onion and cut in half
  • Cover the tops of both halves in 1/2 tblsp brown sugar
  • Let sit for an hour and then scoop up the syrupy contents from the dish.
  • Take twice daily

The brown sugar pulls out the medicinal juice of the onion and helps make taking onion juice more palatable. Let’s face it, it can’t be any worse then cough syrup. Those who use it swear by it and what’s not to love, simple, effective, all natural and cheap.

Another simple cough remedy involving onions requires you to drink the juice of an onion mixed with honey. The honey soothes your cough while the onion juice is a good general antibiotic.

4. Onions for earaches and wax build up

Does your ear ache? Do you struggle with wax build up? This might sound crazy, but put an onion in your ear. No not the whole thing, just the inner most portion, otherwise know as the heart if the onion, and then go to bed. When you wake up your ear will be feeling better due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the onion. Your ear wax will also be softened for easy removal because of the onion juice. Plus sleeping with an onion in your ear may help to drown out your partner’s snoring, so win-win, right?

5. Onions to remove an eye irritant

This onion folk remedy is such common sense I can’t believe I have never consider doing it before. It’s as simple as cutting an onion to get the tears flowing to help ease the irritant out of the eye. Be sure not to rub your eye as this can worsen your condition and cause serious injury.

6. Onions to heal a cut

Who else rushes to their first aid kit for a band aid and some medicated ointment every time they get a cut? I know I used to. Well not any more, you’ll find me rushing to my onion basket. Just slice an onion in half and let the juice run onto your cut to keep it clean and prevent infection. Then peel some of the translucent onion skin from the onion and place it over top of the cut to seal it. The bleeding should stop very quickly and your wound will be protected. For larger cuts place a small piece of gauze or some paper medical tape to keep the onion skin in place. Change twice a day until the cut has healed.

7. Onion juice to heal surgical wounds

If an onion can heal a small cut, it stands to reason that it can do wonders in healing a larger incision. Honestly, I am continually amazed by the healing properties of onions and this remedy seals it for me. Can you imagine being healed by an onion in a hospital rather than a heap of drugs? It really makes me wonder why hospitals and conventional medicine in general have not embraced natural remedies like this? I guess medication is big business and onions are not.

Again, this remedy is so simple and yet so effective, just rub the juice of an onion on your incision and let the healing begin. The naturally occurring antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of the onion go to work on the wound and help the body heal quickly and without the aid of drugs. This remedy works very well to prevent scarring especially in people with darker skin.

8. Onion to remove infection

If you find yourself with an infected cut, boil, insect bite or even cellulitis, give this onion paste home remedy a try.

Onion paste to draw out infection:

  • Boil milk and pour it onto a thick slice of white bread
  • Grate an onion on top of the bread
  • Mash it into a paste
  • Clean the infected area and apply the onion, milk, bread paste
  • Apply the paste to the infected area
  • Sit still and allow the paste to harden and suck out the infection.

It is important not to break the seal. Within a few hours the infection will start to come out of your body. Clean and repeat twice daily until the infection is gone.

9. Onions to heal a burn

Burn yourself on a pan while cooking? Quick grab an onion. Just slice it in half and apply it directly to the burn for two minutes. The soothing and healing should start right away. Then, to promote healing, whip up some egg whites and apply to the burned area and let it dry forming a protective barrier. Cover with a clean gauze bandage. Clean and replace bandage as needed. You will be shocked with how fast your burn heals and the lack of scarring.

10. Onion to soothe bee stings and other insect bites

If you are stung by a bee or wasp, carefully remove the stinger by scraping across your skin with your finger nail or a credit card. Do not try to pinch the stinger out as it will only push more venom into your system. Once the stinger has been removed cover, the bite with a grated or crushed white onion. The onion’s anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the swelling and onions also act as a natural antihistamine.




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