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What’s On The Back Of ISIS’ New Gold Coin Reveals Its True Goal, And It’s Scary…

The dinar is inspired by earlier Islamic currency.

Photos have surfaced of gold coins purportedly minted by the Islamic State. Imagery on the currency show the intentions of the group.

One face of the coin has a map of the world, with an Arabic phrase on the flip side which reads: “The Islamic State — a caliphate based on the doctrine of the prophet,” according to the BBC.

According to the Telegraph, an anti-ISIS activist by the name of Abu Ibrahim Raqqawi, who lives in the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa in Syria, posted photographs of the coins on his Twitter account on Monday.

ISIS chose to call its currency the dinar, inspired by the original dinar issued during the Caliphate of Uthman in 634, according to Britain’s Daily Telegraph. Uthman was a friend of Muhammad and one of the earliest converts to Islam.

Under his leadership, the caliphates stretched over much of the Middle East including the entire Arabian Peninsula as well as modern day Iraq, Iran, and Syria. It went as far east as Pakistan and as far west as Tunisia on Africa’s northern coast.

The reported value of ISIS’ gold sovereign dinar is $139.

“The purchasing power of the money they’re emitting will be wholly dependent on what the purchasing power of gold, silver and copper are,” Steven H. Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, told the Financial Times.



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