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Blood Donors in Sweden Receive a Text Message Every Time They Save a Life

Blood service in Sweden has come up with an awesome idea to encourage blood donations. Every time one’s blood helps save a life, the donor gets a text message.

With the decreasing rates in new volunteers in the developed world, this idea is a good way to attract more people to donate blood. According to the British NHS Blood and Transplant organization, the number of new blood donors in the UK has reduced by 40% during the last 10 years and the blood stocks are at risk of running low. In fact, a similar decline is observed in many developed countries, including Sweden.

This is what inspired the Blodcentralen blood service, based in Stockholm, to launch a text messaging program to update donors on the status of their blood. According to the creators of this initiative, such updates give donors a feeling that they made a real difference and saved someone’s life and thus encourage them to donate blood again in the future.

“We are constantly trying to develop ways to express [donors’] importance,” Karolina Blom Wiberg of the Blodcentralen told The Independent. “We want to give them feedback on their effort, and we find this is a good way to do that.”


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