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Here’s How To Clean The Fruits From Pesticides And Dirt.

Today it is very difficult to find vegetables and fruit that are not sprayed. The choice of buying organic fruits and vegetables are often imported and not fresh, tends to be of lower quality and unfortunately – too expensive for many. If you are not lucky enough to have a garden and grow your own food, what to do? Just washing with water before use is often not enough. This is especially true for fruit that is hard to wash individually such as grapes, strawberries, blueberries, etc. Washing only with water removes the mechanical impurities and a small part of pesticides so some people are using mild detergent and dishwashing brush, then they peel the crust, which is full of nutrients. Although in this way fruits and vegetables are washed much better than just with water, it still is not enough to remove the remains of pesticides.
We are bringing you an efficient and simple solution to this problem.

Take a large bowl and fill it with water. Then add vinegar, in the water, (preferably apple vinegar) in relation at least 1:10 (for 5 liters of water half a liter of vinegar). Stir well the water with the vinegar and add the fruits and vegetables inside. Water should be at room temperature. If the water is cold first warm it up to indoor temperature.


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