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How to Prevent High Blood Pressure With Diet, Not Drugs

In this video, Dr. Michael Greger looks at the current research on the world’s deadliest risk factor and how it relates to the food we eat. We’ve provided of summary of his main points below.

The Global Burden of Disease study is the most comprehensive and systematic program to analyze the causes of death ever undertaken. It assesses mortality and disability in relation to disease and risk factors. The program’s research helps answer questions like: How many lives could be saved if people cut back on soda? The answer is 299,000. That sounds bad, but it’s not as deadly as bacon, bologna, ham or hot dogs. These processed meats cause 800,000 deaths every year, which is five times more people than all illegal drugs combined.

Looking at the research:

  • Eating more whole grains could save 1.7 millions lives.
  • Eating more vegetables could save 1.8 million lives.
  • Eating more nuts and seeds could save 2.5 million lives.
  • Eating more fruit could save 4.9 million lives.


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