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Islam could be forbidden in France in 2017

The National Front (far-right), which became the largest party in France, is preparing to ban the Islamic religion throughout the French territory.

It is in any case what is currently circulating in many National Front activist groups on Facebook. For members security reasons, we will not release the links of these.

Most of them are also secrets, like the “FN 2017″ group, accessible only by invitation and that can’t be found otherwise, which has over 23,000 members.

The solution mentioned to counter the great replacement and Islamization of the country has repeatedly been mentioned in meetings.
The state of emergency

For the establishment of the State of Emergency in 2017, the president of the National Front may well prohibit Islam temporarily for safety reasons, before emptying the France of its Muslims.

This will require that Marine Le Pen reaches the presidency of the republic, but this should be a formality given the current polls.


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