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PM: Israeli Aid to Gaza 500,000 Times More Than Flotilla Aid

Prime Minister Netanyahu sent his own letters to Gaza flotilla activists, telling them the real story about who is helping Gaza.
After MK Basal Ghattas (Joint Arab List) sent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu several letters protesting the IDF’s intention to prevent the Freedom Flotilla III, the Prime Minister is sending back letters to members of the flotilla. In his letter, Netanyahu says to flotilla members that they apparently “got lost.”

“Welcome to Israel, but if it’s freedom you have in mind, maybe you meant to sail to another destination not far from here – Syria. There, the government is murdering and slaughtering its citizens daily, with the support of Iran,” the letter says.

The letter lists the large amount of medical and other humanitarian aid Israel has shipped in recent months to Gaza. “If you are really interested in human rights, you would not sail to identify with a government that kills people without trial in Gaza, that tries to injure innocent civilians. Despite their attempts to hurt Israelis, we have been allowing over 800 trucks a day to enter Gaza, bringing in 1.6 million tons of goods. Those trucks contain about 500,000 more times worth of goods than the ships you have arrived in.”

The letter stresses that there is no blockade on Gaza, and that if the passengers want, they can send any humanitarian aid they wish via Israel. “With that we are not prepared to allow the entry of weapons material to terror groups, as has been done by sea in the past. These restrictions are in accordance with international law, and have been backed by a special United Nations panel.


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