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The first Norwegian municipality allows Muslim call to prayer

The mosque in Sandnessjøen starts with call to prayer using outside loudspeakers. It is met with very mixed reactions among the citizens, NRK reports.

The Muslim Association in Sandnessjøen begins with outdoors call to prayer in connection with Friday prayers. A loudspeaker will be placed outside the premises of the mosque and the call to prayer will be heard over the entire neighborhood.

The municipality has given the permission, but that this will become a weekly fixture in the town center, has created harsh reactions among people in the municipality.

– We are not in Mecca

– It is unusual for us, with such call to prayer. We are not in Mecca, and they need to see the difference between Mecca and Sandnessjøen, says Stein Bjorn Mentzoni.

– It is completely outrageous. It belongs abroad, where they come from. I do not think it belongs here, but they do as they please, says Elin Jørgensen.

But not all are negative to 1.5 minutes of Islamic call to prayer.

– I just laugh at it. It’s just funny how they scream. They can keep at it all night, says ignorant Asbjørn Bjørkan.


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