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The Rules of Losing Belly Fat


It is amazing how just having a flat stomach can work wonders on your image. Indeed, it is true that at some point or the other we have all wished for flat abs or maybe even a six pack. Another truth is that all the weight you seem o put on seems to accumulate at your tummy giving you an unsightly paunch.
Fad diets, protein shakes and gym instructors can all provide you with one magical method or another whereby which you can lose an unbelievable amount of inches of your tummy in ridiculously short time periods. It is important not to fall for such gimmicks because more often than not they require you to consume miracle pills which do nothing but flush out your stomach so that it looks flat for a short while at the same time damaging your intestines beyond repair. Here are some rules and tips that should be followed when trying to lose belly fat in order to ensure that you are doing it the right way and the healthy way.

Cut down on Calories:

It is essential that you cut down your calories if you want to lose belly fat. This is because the extra calories you eat are not consumed by your body and will be stored as fat in the most convenient place, your belly. Therefore if you are getting a flat belly, it is because you are consuming more calories than you require. Simple actions like replacing fried chicken in your meals with grilled chicken and replacing fizzy soft drinks with fresh juices will help to cut down on calories without even realizing the change you are making and will help you lose belly fat.

Decrease your Alcohol Intake:

This is derived from the same rule as the one above. Due to the fact that extra calories give you a fat tummy, alcohol consumption should be cut down if you want to avoid that. This is simply because alcohol is packed full of empty calories that have absolutely no nutritional values and therefore just cause weight gain. This should specially be kept in mind because it is after all holiday season and we all tend to drink more than may be required.


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