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BARUCH HASHEM: Mother of the 7 Children Killed in Brooklyn Fire Returns Home

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Gabriel Sassoon, the bereaved father who tragically lost seven of his young children in a fire in March, announced Sunday morning, June 28 that his wife has finally returned home from hospital. After three months in the hospital she was released on Friday, June 26, and is recovering at her mother-in-law’s home in Brooklyn. “On Friday my wife returned home, and she was glad to be home,” he stated, on the Kol B’Rama radio station. “She will continue treatments at home, she still has to go through rehabilitation so she can walk better and use her hands.” The return was still bittersweet for Sassoon. “It is very difficult,” he said.

However, Sassoon says he’s fighting the urge to sink into depression.

“We are able to cry about them [his children – ed.] with love and then be happy, [instead of] crying about them and missing them and being depressed, so I and my wife are trying to make our missing them for something better, to remember the love and joy that we have. Through this, it’s possible to change the situation from something negative to something positive.”

“My wife has a lot of faith, I wonder at how she’s looking forward and looking to build up the future,” he added. “She’s very strong.”



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