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NASA Addresses Doomsday Prediction by Comet Strike in September 2015

NASA-Addresses-Apocalypse-Prediction-by-Comet-Strike-in-September-2015-650x431NASA has been forced to address the latest doomsday prediction by an impending 2.5-mile comet strike in the month of September 2015. The claim was initially made by the self-proclaimed prophet named Rev Efrain Rodriguez. He said that a very large asteroid or a comet will hit Earth either on September 15, 22 or 28 or any other day in between. He also claimed that the location of the comet strike will be around the region close to Puerto Rico. The impact will set in motion a series of events taking place simultaneously in various parts of the world like triggering earthquakes, causing a tsunami, and volcano eruptions.

The final prediction is that the experiments being conducted at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will go beyond our control. This will cause the eventual destruction of Earth and wipe out humanity from the face of our planet. He further confirmed that the entire U.S. east coast, Latin American nations, Mexico, and some countries in South America will be completely destroyed. He advised NASA to issue a warning about the comet strike so that people presently living in the areas that will be affected, can be relocated to safer places.


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