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Victim: ‘They Wanted to Kill Us Because We Are Jews’

Yair was returning home from a basketball game when terrorists began shooting. ‘It could have ended differently and I wouldn’t be here.’

Yair Ofer from Kohav Hashachar, one of the Jews wounded in the shooting attack Monday in the Binyamin region, spoke to B’Hadrei Haredim​ from his hospital bed Tuesday morning about his ordeal.

“We went to a basketball game in the community of Eli, and when we were on our way back, a car drove slowly in front of us and then [the terrorists] shot at us and continued to drive away; we somehow we managed to get out of there,” Yair said. “Security forces arrived quickly and took very good care of us in the field and I am grateful to everyone.”

“We were four guys, we did not understand why [the drivers were] driving slowly and then we heard gunshots and we realized we were being fired at,” he continued. “You hear the news and say to yourself that it will not happen to you, and you think it’s something that happens to others, and you don’t worry about it; you think, ‘okay what are the chances it will happen?’.”

Yair then elaborated more on what actually happened.

“When he started shooting, you cringe and try to somehow protect the head; I’ll never forget that feeling, You feel helpless, someone is trying to take your life away because you are Jewish,” he recounted. “It could have ended differently and I would not be speaking to you today.”


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