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British woman fears Tunisian toy-boy husband only wed her for VISA

img5593f77663917Patricia Hancocks, 64, met Tunisian Mondher Mezni when he was 26 via online dating website Tagged, the Express reports.

The pair embarked on a whirlwind romance and became engaged after just 19 days together on her second holiday to the North African country

Patricia enjoyed visiting her toyboy lover – a casual 36 years her junior. She said: “He treated me like a princess, and the sex was incredible. I hadn’t felt the touch of a man for so long.”

But – predictably – the couple’s fairytale romance didn’t last and Mezni left Pat high and dry after living in her home in Leicester for just two weeks.

Now the pensioner- who is saving up to divorce the Tunisian – has been left questioning whether her husband ever loved her, or whether she was just wed her for a visa.

Speaking about falling in love, she said: “I started speaking to Mondher in summer 2012 and we instantly hit it off. Even over the internet I could feel the chemistry.

“I hadn’t had a relationship for ages, and wasn’t looking for love but there was just something about him. Pretty soon we were speaking online five times a week.”

She added: “The first thing he told me was that I was beautiful. He couldn’t speak much English, but we used a translation app on his phone.

“I paid for dinner on the first night, knowing that Mondher didn’t earn much working in a local café. Then we headed to his bedroom in his family home and for the next few days we barely left.

“After the first time we made love I asked him whether I was too old for him, but he told me I was perfect.”


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