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Is Your Restaurant Steak Real? BBQ Guy Details How Restaurants Could Be Cheating You

You might pay top dollar for a nice steak dinner at a restaurant, but is the cut you purchased really what you’re getting?

The YouTuber running the channel Ballistic BBQ recently demonstrated how pieces of meat can be pressed together using “meat glue” and then passed off as rib-eye steak.

 The Ballistic BBQ guy mixed transglutaminase, a plant-derived enzyme, with stew meat and brisket meat. He piled it all together on a meat fat cap and compacted it using a vacuum sealer.
steak_3-620x336“Despicable stuff,” he said in the video of places that dishonestly use such a practice.

After letting the meat pieces come together over night, Ballstic BBQ sliced off a piece.

“I think it looks pretty convincing,” he said. “I mean it has that nice little nugget of fat there that is a rib-eye.”

The man later explained that his main motivation for making the video was to “shed some light on some deception that’s going on out there. I know there are some legitimate uses for this product. … Where I really have a problem is where a restaurant or a dining hall is trying to pass off a bunch of scraps welded together as real steak.”

The idea of restaurants deceiving patrons with meat that had been pressed together to look like a prime cut of steak made headlines a few years ago as well. At that time, Eric Mittenthal with the American Meat Institute told the New York Daily News that it’s “highly unlikely chefs are using them to take lesser pieces of meat and pass them off as prime using transglutaminase.”


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