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Pedophiles Deserve Civil Rights, Argues ‘NY Times’ Op-Ed


What was it that someone said about the slippery slope of special rights for the LGBTIQ community? Well, the cry for civil rights for pedophiles is now official.

Margo Kaplan, who teaches law at Rutgers University, used The New York Times as a platform to opine about the stigma pedophilia carries. The stigma, she laments, makes it difficult for adults with sexual attractions to children to get help.

Pointing to uncited research, Kaplan argues that pedophilia is not a choice but a mental disorder that may have neurological origins, sort of like being left-handed. She also bemoans that our current law is “inconsistent and irrational” in dealing with pedophiles. When it comes to public policies that might help people with pedophilia come forward and seek treatment before they offend, she is troubled that the law omits pedophilia from protection.

“The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibit discrimination against otherwise qualified individuals with mental disabilities, in areas such as employment, education and medical care. Congress, however, explicitly excluded pedophilia from protection under these two crucial laws,” she writes.

“It’s time to revisit these categorical exclusions,” Kaplan continues. “Without legal protection, a pedophile cannot risk seeking treatment or disclosing his status to anyone for support. He could lose his job, and future job prospects, if he is seen at a group-therapy session, asks for a reasonable accommodation to take medication or see a psychiatrist, or requests a limit in his interaction with children. Isolating individuals from appropriate employment and treatment only increases their risk of committing a crime.”

This is simply not true, and you don’t even have to read between the lines to see the message she’s sending: If we don’t give pedophiles special rights, it’s on us when they abuse children.



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