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Russian Government Now Wants To Ban The Gay Flag, Saying That “Gay Delirium Is Threatening The Entire Civilized World.”

The mayor of Moscow has vowed to push for a ban on the gay flag, and God bless him for this. According to one Russian report:

A Moscow city MP has promised to press for the ban on the most known symbol of the LGBT community after the campaign of support of the US move to legalize same-sex marriage has hit Russian social networks, drawing ire from conservatives.

Aleksey Lisovenko made this pledge via a Facebook post and in the same post he claimed that “the United States must have gone completely mad and now its gay delirium is threatening the entire civilized world.”

The politician went on to suggest that the American nation can start “spreading gay marriage all over the world by means of aircraft carriers,” similar to today’s policy of “imposing democracy with tanks.” He warned the concern over minorities’ rights can be used to interfere into the affairs of sovereign nations.

“Billions of US dollars would be pumped into gay propaganda all over the world, preparing the grounds for ’rainbow revolutions’,” he forecast.

Lisovenko noted that soon after the verdict on same sex marriage was announced in the US, profile pictures of thousands of Facebook accounts were painted with rainbow colors, including the accounts of many celebrities, politicians and major brands. He added that the simultaneousness of this move allowed for the suspicion that some coordination or even “an order from above” – and Barack Obama’s statement that the verdict was a victory for America confirmed this suspicion.

he MP wrote that he was sending an address to State Duma with a request to include the LGBT flag into the list of symbols banned for use on the territory of the Russian Federation. Lisovenko also asked the parliament to allow the state internet watchdog Roskomnadzor to block any website or social network accounts that use the rainbow flag on their pages.

Last Week, Russian Senator Mikhail Marchenko (Bryansk Region) addressed the Roskomnadzor agency with a request to influence Facebook so that it would stop using LGBT symbols and promoting same sex marriage.

Get rid of the fag flag and burn it into oblivion!

We have to prepare our minds and intellect for this spiritual war that we are in. This is why I made a 2-disk DVD series on teaching the warring spirit of the Christian Faith.

Today, many love to say that if people are indulging in what they want to do, “and as long as they are not hurting anyone and doing it in the privacy of their own homes,” then they are completely fine with it, no matter how evil or deviant. This is especially true when it comes to any debate over homosexuality, or disordered beliefs. They hold that no law should be made against the acts, even though they are a danger to society, because they consider it a private pleasure.

Many claiming Christians will express their support for the sodomites, and they many times will bring up the “love of Christ” to vindicate their support for them. Let us remind such people that no where in Scripture is evil tolerated simply because it does not physically or directly harm someone, or because it is private. In fact, Christianity is so much against allowing private deviancy, that it says that those who “approve of those who practice them” are “worthy of death” (Romans 1:32).

This means that opinions expressed in favor for homosexuality and other deviancies (such as cannibalism), are worthy of capital punishment. This purely illustrates that Christianity is so much against the license to do evil — even if it is done in private — that it prohibits any approval of it.  For those who disapprove, let them read the words of St. Isidore where he said that law “is composed of no private advantage, but for the common benefit of the citizens.” (Isidore, Etymologiae, 5.21, in Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Ia IIae 90, article 2) Let them read St. Thomas where he says that “Law must therefore attend especially to the ordering of things toward blessedness.” (Aquinas,  Summa Theologiae, Ia IIae 90, article 2)


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