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The map of Muslim terrorism all over the world

The religion of peace. Ready to kill. Anyone, anywhere and everyone, everywhere.

See where around the world the British Foreign Office believes a terror attack is most likely to happen.

In other words: is there really many places you can go without being forced to deal with Muslim terrorism? It’s not Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist terrorism, but Muslim terrorism.

The theat of terrorism is rated “high” in more than 30 countries around the world, according to the Foreign Office, with summer holiday favourites such as Spain and France given the same rating as Libya, Pakistan and Somalia.

Other popular travel destinations to receive the Foreign Office’s highest terror threat level include Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Australia and Belgium.

Tunisia, where at least 30 Britons were killed in last Friday’s massacre, is also given the top rating, as are Indonesia, Russia, Myanmar, Kenya, the Philippines and Colombia.

Less surprising is the inclusion of much of the Middle East, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Afghanistan.


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