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7 Reasons Why Manohar Parrikar Is The Most Badass Defence Minister India Has Ever Had

7reasonswhymanoharparrikaristhemostbadassdefenceministerindiahaseverhad0_1434023502_980x457Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose Mr. Manohar Parrikar as India’s defence minister a year ago, and since then Parrikar has proved to be one of the most upfront and pro-active ministers in the Modi cabinet. Clinching the Rafale deal which was in deep freeze for almost a decade, along with offensive posturing of the Indian army, Parrikar made it clear he would tolerate no nonsense. After the Myanmar strike, no neighbour of ours can take us lightly as it is pretty clear that the Indian government actively pursues a bull-like stance against terrorists and terrorist havens along the border areas. Manohar Parrikar has been at the forefront of this policy and we take a look as to why he is one of the most badass ministers in the Modi cabinet.

1. Manohar Parrikar Believes In Fighting Fire With Fire

In a recent statement Manohar Parrikar had this to say:

7reasonswhymanoharparrikaristhemostbadassdefenceministerindiahaseverhad1_1434023232It is clear from his stance that he doesn’t believe in taking the softer route over issues concerning national security. The recent Myanmar strike in which 50 terrorists were neutralized is a testament to this fact.

2. He Is An Effective, Efficient, And No-Nonsense Administrator

Manohar Parrikar has been a significant figure in Goa for the BJP and RSS for nearly 25 years, and has fulfilled his organisational duties quite remarkably. He is a known as a strict taskmaster in his home state and used to keep a close eye on issues concerning the ‘aam aadmi’. He has carried his no-nonsense image to the Ministry Of Defence which is why the efficiency of the whole department has gone up significantly.

3. He Is The First IIT Graduate To Become Chief Minister Of A State In India

He is the first IITian to become a chief minister of an Indian state; yes, you heard that right – before Kejriwal. He also had Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and former CEO of Infosys, as a batchmate in that illustrious batch of IIT Bombay.


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