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Expert: Arab Armies ‘Falling Apart,’ IDF Will Have to Fight ISIS

Israel’s former ambassador to Egypt, Zvi Mazel believes the IDF is going to have to beat ISIS, since the Egyptians won’t do the job.
Israel’s former ambassador to Egypt, Zvi Mazel, currently a researcher at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), believes that the Egyptian army is not going to be able to successfully fight ISIS. In the end, he believes, the IDF is going to have to do the job.

“The Egyptian army has not collapsed, and it is very large, with 600,000 soldiers,” said Mazel. “But for two years they have been fighting guerrillas in Sinai, unsuccessfully. They are just not experienced enough in guerrilla warfare.”

Eventually, it is very possible that ISIS will take over Sinai – placing them along Israel’s longest border. If that happens, the IDF is going to have to fight ISIS on its own. “Already some of ISIS is in Sinai, operating near the Israeli border,” said Mazel.


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