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Find Out If You Have Early Signs of Diabetes So You Could Prevent this Dangerous Disease on Time

Many people have, but are not yet aware, the first signs of upcoming diabetes. If the disease develops it will increase the risk of many health complications from a heart attack, stroke alzheimer disease and even pancreatic cancer. In fact, it is very common for people to discover that they have diabetes after they had already experienced a stroke or heart attack. Dr. Bradley Bale, from Grace Clinic in Texas explains:


“Many blame the bad luck or coincidence, but actually about 70 percent of heart attacks are triggered  by the same cause as one of the type 2 diabetes: insulin resistance”.

If the early signs of upcoming diabetes are spotted in time this disease can be prevented and dangerous complications can be avoided.

See most common warning symptoms:

High blood pressure – Insulin resistance is the main cause of high blood pressure (140/90 or higher).

Wide waist – Even if you have normal weight, alarming waist circumference in men is 100cm or more and in women from 88 cm or wider. Be sure to start with exercise.

 Unhealthy gums – Persons with periodontal diseases are more likely to have abnormal blood glucose levels, as compared to those without gym diseases.

 Hearing – Increased sugar damages the nerves and blood vessels throughout the body and can damage your hearing. Diabetics have 2.6 times more damaged hearing.

Yellow nails – In the journal “Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine” is published that up to 50 percent of diabetics have yellow nails.

Erectile dysfunction – This happens as a result of damaged blood vessels in the genitals.

Frequent infections – In women frequent fungal…..


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