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Libya declared a “Muslim State” with Sharia as source of legislation


Editor’s note: The following account was written for by an American teacher in the Muslim world.

On May 26th, the residents of Tripoli and other areas under the control of the General National Congress (GNC) and their military wing, Libya Dawn (a coalition of Islamic militias),  discovered that they were now living in a “Muslim State”.  The GNC – who still refuses to recognize the elected and international recognized House of Representatives based in Beida (Eastern Libya) – has amended Article No. 1 of the Constitutional Declaration of August 2011 and declared Libya to be a “Muslim State” with Sharia law as the source of legislation.

Since then, I have discussed the issue with many locals and most were surprised and saddened by the declaration of the GNC.  While I sympathized with their disappointment that Tripoli will now be governed by Sharia law, I was surprised by the extent they were shocked by the declaration of the GNC.  Wasn’t the writing on the wall?

Since the Libya Dawn military alliance defeated the more secular militias for the control of Tripoli in August 2014, anybody who has been following the policies of the local authorities could easily determine that the city has slowly been drifting towards a “Muslim State” and that its official declaration was only a matter of time.



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