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Muslim Forgets He’s in Texas and Starts a Fight, Then Gets a Brutal Dose of Southern Hospitality

Messing with Texas: It’s a mistake that many liberals, criminals and idiots make. Road-raging Muslim Ziad Abu Naim certainly fell under the last category.

After an argument in Houston concerning who had the right of way, the 42-year-old Zaim came toward the car of 43-year-old Robert Craig Klimek, reportedly swinging at Klimek.

Witnesses then reported hearing a pop. It seems that Klimek didn’t take too kindly to being attacked, and the concealed-carry driver decided to neutralize the threat by shooting Naim in the face.

Naim was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was kept on life support. However, he soon passed away from his injuries. Klimek was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, although the charges may be upgraded to murder now that Naim has passed away.

Klimek and his attorneys said their client acted in self-defense, pointing out that Naim had attacked him first. Klimek was reportedly out on bail.


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