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Perhaps You Will Stop Buying Juice Boxes After You Know This

A juice box was brought straight to the doctor after some woman noticed green slime coming up the straw of the same juice box. She got suspicious about the content inside and immediately cut open the box which was by the way unexpired. Here is what doctor’s found:

Edges of the box were full with mold-green slime; it was all around the edges. It seems that juice pouches and juice boxes with mold (Capri Sun brand) aren’t something new.

Molds can grow inside the boxes even if a tiny bit of air gets inside. Apparently you wouldn’t notice the small hole in the box through which air can get inside, so small that it doesn’t even leak. But this air is enough to make the sugars ferment in the juice, and this process turns the juice into an alcohol.

This fermented juice actually is not considered to be very dangerous for consumption, and that is good news for a woman who brought the box to ER. Let’s just say that most common implications can be grossed out people and sometimes an upset stomach.
However, a doctor recommended her to throw away the juice, question is why? For a reason that this fermented juice is full of calories and sugar and some people consider it some kind of a gateway drug. It’s a fact that natural opiates can be released from ingestion of sugar. After which a desire for junk food and other sweets can be stimulated from this natural opiate. This gateway kind of opiate drug can also be triggered by food that contains high quantities of both salt and fat. This is one of the reasons why many people binge on potato chips, ice cream, Hot Cheetos and other kind of junk foods.

When your kids drink this kind of fermented juices, their system gets flooded by these opiates and they will keep asking for more. Don’t get surprised when your kids will begin to refuse dinner, since all those calories that juice contains will stimulate their sweet tooth. Does it sound familiar after this when we mention foods with high salt, high sugar and high fat?

Diarrhea, tooth decay and flatulence can also be caused by too much fruit juice. The necessary vitamins your kids need can be actually found in plenty other healthy food which doesn’t contain too much sugar and calories. Juice box is not one of them.

Best guidance regarding fruit juice and kids offers The American Academy of Pediatrics.


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