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Secrets your Tongue Holds about your Health!

One of the most versatile parts of the human body is the tongue, as is helps us keep ourselves nourished, it also maintains the health of our mouths and helps with communication. But most of you don’t know that the tongue gives information about your emotional and physical health. A little knowledge of the tongue will inform you how your environment, lifestyle and diet affecting you internally.

Tongue is very strong muscle covered with pink tissue and moist. Papillae are the tiny bumps on the tongue’s surface responsible for detecting sour, bitter, salty and sweet tastes. Umami is the fifth taste responsible for glutamate type of tastes.
Header-Tongue-Health-e1435088362856-600x314The tongue provides fascinating and meaningful information about your overall health.

A Healthy Tongue

The coating of the tongue represents the condition of the digestive function. White film on its surface and thin tongue is the perfect tongue coating that indicates functional and healthy digestive tract.

Bacteria grows on the coating so it is impossible to scrape off. According to Chinese medicine white coating is the main sign for indigestion, where white, thin coating is considered as healthy and normal.

Thick Coating & Colors

Thick coating on the tongue indicates imbalance in your body. It could be injury, disease, some functional changes, aging or lifestyle changes.
White, thicker coat is the sign for weakness of physiological function in your body.  Heavy white coat may represent viral infection or that some physiological roles in the organism could not be performed.
Predominance of heat in your body should be indicated with yellow thick coating, or it can be related with bacterial infection or inflammation.
Autoimmune diseases and allergic disorders are manifested by geographic tongue. In this unpleasant situation you have to slow down.

Tongue Colors

According to Chinese medicine, tongue represents the health of your blood and also represents extension of the heart. The tongue shows the overall health of the human body for a longer period of time so that’s the reason why it takes longer time for tongue color to be changed. Pale-red is the ideal color for healthy tongue which represents good circulation.

 Bright Red Tongue

Tongue-Health-Bright-Red-e1435080175264-150x147Pathological conditions are always related with bright red tongue that indicates inflammation or heat in the blood. At the beginning of the infection, only the tip of the tongue will be red, where the redness will cover the whole tongue in a short period of time.



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