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SICK: U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Drop Bombshell About What Obama Is Doing to Them

It’s been no secret that our men and women in uniform don’t think too highly of President Barack Obama, who they see as treating the military with a sort of casual disrespect.

However, if the assessment by an unnamed U.S. intelligence officer is correct, things are even worse than they appear, especially in Afghanistan. According to the officer, troops there are feeling “abandoned” and without a mission.

While Obama has declared the war in Afghanistan to be winding down (much, I’m sure, to the surprise of the Afghanis fighting a newly-resurgent Taliban), there were still 10,000 American troops in the country.

However, even with evidence that the Islamic State group has been moving into Afghanistan, the Obama administration has been neglecting the men and women serving there.

The officer said there simply weren’t enough men in Afghanistan — either active-duty reservists or National Guard troops — to complete the mission.

And on top of that, the intelligence officer said that Obama has “zero strategy for the country.”

“We’re essentially waiting for politicians to pull the plug,” he added.

This came as evidence began to emerge that the Taliban may have started collaborating with foreign fighters. A report by the Institute for the Study of War claimed Taliban forces have recently been bolstered by “Arabs, Uighurs, Chechens, Tajiks and Uzbeks.”


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