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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Muhamed’s comment while raping twelve-year-old Ida, “Black d*ck is expensive” – gets away with 22 days of community service

domslut_1Inrikes.Last November a Somali immigrant brutally raped a 12-year-old girl in Sundsvall, Sweden. This Wednesday he was found guilty of child rape – but got away with a meagre 180 hours of community service. After Fria Tider reported on the case earlier this week it has stirred a public outcry, but the prosecutor said the verdict did not surprise her.
“There is nothing shocking or surprising,” she told Fria Tider after the ruling was issued.

On November 10 last year the 18-year-old Somali immigrant, Muhamed, lured 12-year-old Ida to his home in the city of Sundsvall, central Sweden. Muhamed had claimed to be in possession of intimate pictures of the young child and promised he would give them back – if she followed him to his apartment.

But Muhamed did not give Ida any pictures. After having lured her to his home, he simply raped her. The ruling from the district court states that he repeatedly punched her in the face and held his hand over her mouth during the rape. According to the court he also kept repeating the words “black d*ck is expensive” over and over while raping the girl.

After the brutal rape, Ida, according to the court’s findings, “bled profusely from her genitalia”. She suffered “both physical and psychological” injuries as a result of the abuse.

When Ida told her parents what had happened they turned to the city’s social services for help, but the city officials did not file a police report. When interviewed by Fria Tider, Eva Rönnbäck, director of the social services office, said they thought someone else had already reported the crime.

“The information we got was that a police report had already been filed,” she explained to Fria Tider’s reporter.

“Under normal circumstances we always file a report and we also have a ‘Children’s House’, so we handle this in close cooperation with the police,” Rönnbäck continued.


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