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BROKEN CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY: Does CNN Think the Messiah is Coming?

For some strange reason, the network appears to think Muslim structures on Temple Mount may soon be gone.
By Gil Ronen

Does CNN think the Messiah is coming?

Devout Jews believe that one day, soon, the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount, ushering in the Messianic era. How this will happen is a matter of controversy, but as it stands, due to Muslim pressure, Jews are not even allowed to pray on the Mount, much less approach the mosques.


Yet CNN appears to think otherwise.

A slideshow on CNN‘s website depicts 25 buildings that are “on the verge of extinction” and beckons to readers:

“Go see them now, before it’s too late: threatened by neglect, the elements, changing architectural trends or ruthless developers, these outstanding buildings are all fighting a hard battle for survival.”

The first in the series of photos of doomed structures is none other than that of the Dome of the Rock. The sole human being in the photo is a Jew in haredi garb, walking toward the Dome.

CNN does not say that the Dome of the Rock is in danger specifically, but states more generally that this is true of the Old City of Jerusalem, noting that it is on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites in Danger.

“Political tension has hardened relations between Israel and UNESCO, preventing any preservation plans from moving forward,” it says.

The implication, however, is clear to people who have been listening to Islamist propaganda…..


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