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KICKING SOME IS-A$$: British SAS Kill 200 ISIS Fighters In Four Weeks

During daring raids in Iraq, elite SAS sniper and machine gun squads have wiped out over 200 ISIS fighters in under a month using guerilla-style tactics.

As many of us have always said, if we want to defeat a force who relies strictly on guerilla style warfare, we need to be allowed to do the same. SAS operators have been granted their wish, and for the past month they have been slaughtering ISIS fighters by operating in small, specialized teams.

The SAS squads have been using armed quad bikes to assist in their operations, allowing for quick and improvised assaults in areas that have not been littered with IEDs yet.

The missions have been relentless, hitting ISIS on a daily basis and striking fear into their ranks. An SAS source told theDaily Mail that, “Our tactics are putting the fear of…..


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