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SAY WHAT? Obama Tells Nation HE Now Speaks For G-d’s Will Regarding America’s Future

It was a performance that descended into the outright bizarre at times. An earlier pre-speech report here at D.C. Whispers shared rumors the White House was looking forward to the president “putting on a show”, and indeed, that is exactly what took place yesterday at the memorial for slain Charleston, South Carolina pastor and state senator Clementa Pinckney.


Perhaps the oddest moments though were when Barack Obama personally began to speak on behalf of the Almighty Himself, declaring the change that the president views as necessary to be “God’s will.”

For much of the eulogy, Obama spoke in a sing-song preacher voice, even slipping into a southern accent at times despite the fact he spends almost no time in the South and much of his formative years were located outside of the United States. The president even broke out into his own rendition of Amazing Grace, a moment that is now being repeated by an overly enthusiastic and adoring Mainstream Media.

What isn’t being discussed is President Obama’s repeated admission he believes himself to be speaking directly to “God’s grace” during his speech that once again claimed America was a racist nation that hasn’t done nearly enough to alleviate the evils of slavery…..


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