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UK school removes student’s artwork of mother breastfeeding baby – in case it offends Muslims during Ramadan

The endless accommodation, endless appeasement — where do British authorities think it will all end up? Where do they think Britain will be in ten years, after they have again and again and again reinforced the principle that infidels must always change their behaviors in order to respect Islamic customs and mores, but Muslims must never make any accommodation of infidel customs and mores? The UK is on the road to ruin, and it is coming quickly.


“School removes student’s artwork of a mother breastfeeding her baby – in case it offends Muslims during Ramadan,” by Keiligh Baker, MailOnline, July 3, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A school has been slammed by a sixth form pupil for removing her paintings of a mother breastfeeding her child – because it could offend Muslims during Ramadan.

Tapton Secondary School in Sheffield told Martha Armitage, 18, that her A-level paintings would not be displayed with other pupils’ artwork because the space is currently being used as a prayer room for the duration of the religious period.

Now Miss Armitage has hit out at the decision because she believes she is being ‘censored’ and says she is proud of her four paintings, which took 15 hours to create, and wants them to be displayed.
Tapton Secondary School in Sheffield told A-level student Martha Armitage, 18, (pictured) that her

But the school has defended the decision, saying it was a matter of ‘tolerance and respect’ to not put them on show in the prayer room and claimed that the pictures are on display – but in a different section of the school.

Miss Armitage, who works part-time in a cafe, chose the subject of Mother and Baby after being given four choices for her A-level finals.

Her sister-in-law, Kim Houton, 20, who recently gave birth to her second child, Ivy, was the subject of the art works and posed topless for the intimate shots while breastfeeding her baby.

Miss Armitage then took the photographs into the exam room and produced the paintings over five three-hour exam sessions.

The four paintings show a mother cradling her baby, another breastfeeding from front-on, another breastfeeding from the side, and another shows a mother holding her child to her naked breast – something that is crucial in the first months of baby bonding.

But Miss Armitage claims she was not informed by the school of the decision not display her paintings with other students’ work and only found out when she noticed they were not on display when she went to the school to collect her prom tickets.

She said: ‘I went to speak to the art technician because I wanted to see my artwork, I hadn’t seen it since I’d submitted it for my A-level.

‘The technician told me the artwork wasn’t going on display at all because it includes breasts and it’s Ramadan.

‘I was just really really shocked. I didn’t know what to say. I left the school and when I went home I told my mum about it, she sent an email to the school.

‘In their reply, they spoke about not having the artwork on display in the conference room which was going to be used as a prayer room.

‘But I was told by the technician that my artwork wasn’t going to be displayed anywhere.

‘In any case, I don’t understand why it’s offensive. Muslim pupils…..


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