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Israel must eliminate ISIS while it’s still small

Op-ed: The jihadist organization is neither a state nor an army; it’s an enchanting idea. That’s why it’s important to hit those spreading this foolish idea before it turns into an epidemic.
6149033097099640360noISIS execution in Syria. When will we try to crush them? When they include millions? When they reach our borders and attack soldiers and settlers?

Some time before the Yom Kippur War, a Syrian tank managed to infiltrate the Israeli side of the Golan Heights, wander around the road and return home safely. Almost three years ago, in the summer of 2012, terrorists managed to break through the border crossing in Kerem Shalom and drive on the nearby road for quite a few minutes.

In both cases, there were those in Israel and the IDF who claimed that this was a “red light,” a sign of what was about to happen, a warning signal, but the decision makes downplayed these warnings and moved on. We are the good guys. We will always win.

It’s no secret that relatively small forces secure our joint borders with the Arab states. We have no money to invest in divisions to protect us from infiltrations from Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. The peace agreements with the latter two have been lasting for decades, and they are largely doing our job and guarding the joint border.

But our eyes are not shut to the danger lurking in the near future, likely from the direction of Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. Islamic State fighters are on the borders, and with them there is no way – it’s either us or them. They should be given credit for not concealing their intentions. We should be condemned for shrugging. We overcame all the Arab armies together in the Six-Day War, so won’t we overcome terrorist a gang? Why not? Let them try.





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