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The Position of Your Fingers Which Relieves Difficulties In About 10 Hours!

A mudra represents a special position of the fingers and hands which is used to bring inner balance and healing.

The word “mudra” is translated from Sanskrit like “a gift of joy” (mud-joy and ra-gift). It also means “connection” and “flow” in Sanskrit and it means that there is a free flow of energy necessary for the inner balance and health. Speaking of mudras, we actually speak about a line of symbols or positions which serve us to renew our body energies and reach an optimal health.

We can see mudras as a silent language – gestures which aim to enable us with free energy flow through our body energetic canals. By doing certain mudras, our brain receives a unique message through the nerve endings in our fingers and then acts in accordance with it. In that way our body communicates with our mind so that they can establish natural balance. Because of that, numerous therapeutic and healing properties are being attributed to the mudras.

With the help of this method, we can strengthen our immunity, improve our mood, ensure some quality sleep, compensate for the lost energy, increase our concentration, remove physical or mental pains effectively etc. Namely, by making certain gestures you can also help yourself to heal numerous diseases.

Numerous records about the positive influence of the mudras on people’s health are often attributed to the placebo effect, but that’s not true.

One of the researches connected to the work of our brain, whose results were published in a bulletin of the American Scientific Academy in November 2009, showed that during the doing of some of the mudras, certain centers in the human’s brain become activated.

  • Vayu mudra

Vayu mudra, also familiar under the name “Wind”, brings a quick improvement of the health condition, even after only 10 hours of its application.

It will have the best results against rheumatism and headaches, but it also helps with any kind of anxiety, balances the work of your endocrine system and decreases the trembling with Parkinson’s disease.

This position of your fingers increases the element of Air and contributes towards a better hydration for your skin, as well as towards a more effective circulation.

You should keep the mudra as long as you don’t feel better so that you can alleviate your pains.

For prevention – it would be ideal if you practice it every day, early in the morning, for 15 minutes.


  • How do we do this mudra?

Bend your forefinger so that you can gently accept it with your thumb, on the first joint.

Leave the rest of your fingers gently stretched.

You can do your mudras sitting, standing or lying, anywhere and anytime, when the circumstances allow you to, for example, even when you’re watching TV, when you’re with your friends, on the beach or when you’re out for a walk. The lying position is especially beneficial for people who can’t get up of their bed because of a disease or after an operational procedure.


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