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The world famous Rabbi The Rambam ztl” with 5 health tips that will change your life forever


Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, known by the acronym “Rambam”, was born in 1138 in Cordova, Spain, died in 1204 in Fostat, Cairo, and was buried in Tiberias, Israel. How could he know some much about the intricate workings of the human body and soul in the middle ages?

Rambam was a physician, astronomer, scholar and a great Jewish spiritual leader who possessed impressive skills in many fields.

Read Rambam’s 5 health tips that are backed up by modern medical research:

1. Never eat standing up and when you sit and eat, always lean towards the left
When you sit down to eat, you tend to eat less and more slowly. It takes about 20 minutes from the time you start to eat until the brain receives the message of being full. When you stand and shovel food in your mouth, your brain will not be able to send the message, so you will overeat.
By leaning to the left, your windpipe is not obstructed by the food so it will go down your esophagus.

2. Do not eat until you feel that you are busting
Well, it is rare, but your stomach can burst if you overeat. The more you eat and the more stuffed you feel, the more your stomach stretches and your appetite increases as well, causing the vicious cycle that is hard to break.
You should eat only 50%-80% of food, leaving room for water and the expansion of gas.

3. Always drink water at room temperature
The food that you eat or drink must be turned into energy to give you energy and to assist in the normal functioning of your organs. Therefore, not being able to properly digest your food is very damaging.
When you drink something cold, it slows down the digestive actions of your body because it literally freezes your internal organs and disables their function. Your food is not properly digested so your body cannot get the energy and nutrients it needs. In addition, with cold liquid in your body, your digestive system needs to work harder to regulate the temperature of the cold drink.


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