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Innocent Protester or Terrorist?

‘Innocent’ youth shot by IDF Binyamin Brigade Commander Yisrael Shomer shown brandishing M-16 in pictures circulating online.
IDF Binyamin Brigade Commander Yisrael Shomer shot dead terrorist Mohammed al-Kasbeh last Friday, after the latter took part in a near-fatal mob attack on his vehicle close to the Kalandia neighborhood north of Jerusalem.

Israeli politicians rushed to Shomer’s defense, while many international media outlets portrayed al-Kasbeh as a victim, downplaying his attack as part of a peaceful “protest.”

But a more accurate picture is beginning to emerge of the real al-Kasbeh.

Last Saturday, a day after his death, a Facebook group by the name of “Kalandia Refugee Camp First and Foremost” posted a picture of al-Kasbeh posing menacingly with a fully-loaded M-16 assault rifle, with an extra clip of ammunition strapped to its side.

Underneath the image was the message: “This morning’s martyr, martyr of Ramadan, martyr of Jerusalem, a child of the Kalandia (refugee) camp, Mohammed Sami al-Kasbeh, may Allah have mercy on you O mighty one, may your resting place be in heaven.”


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